You are who you say you are...

Who are you? This famous question stumped Alice when the smoking caterpillar posed it to her from his mushroom. This question of identity is sure to cause a brief hesitation for each one of us. We re-frame who we say we are with every choice that we make.

When you buy KETTI KUPPER Conscious Life Jewelry™ you are setting your own personal intention towards heart awareness, positive energy, and life affirmation. While the question, “Who are you?” does not lend itself to easy answers; it’s exciting to realize that we are individually and collectively a fascinating and enigmatic form of high art.


To help people access their personal vision of their greater-self continually throughout the day with beautiful reminders worn next to the body.


Early in 2012… Ketti had a desire to wear a piece of jewelry capable of instantly shifting thinking. A work of art… that could help make our life a work of art. We wanted an attractive, conscience-shifting reminder that can be worn and touched throughout the day. 

Ketti and daughters and researched, planned, and started sculpting the pendants. 

Brie experimented with sculpting materials for the work. Here is a picture of some pieces made in red wax prepped for their first molds.

Each piece was sculpted several times over in wax before arriving at its final form. They were then cast again in resin to have a hard material for fine-tuning. At that point the design goes to the foundry to have a manufacturing mold made from the hard resin cast.

Here are some design layout concepts for a couple of necklaces. Our goal was to express an asymmetric layout with over-lapping Aspen leaves and interesting intervals of negative space. The Marjoram couplet design began with two actual leaves from the plant looking very dainty. 


Raised in Los Angeles, Ketti returned to her childhood town after years of living and working in cities from the Bay Area to the East Coast. Today, she draws on her multifaceted artistic background and a sensitivity to nature to create inspired settings for living, extraordinary designs and engaging works of art.

Ketti’s paintings and commercial and graphic work includes high-profile projects for a roster of national corporations such as American Express, Partner’s Health Plans, and Westin Hotels. Professor Kupper was Chair of Art at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, and has taught courses in color theory, design, drawing, painting, sculpture and art appreciation. She has a passion for supporting our responsibility as stewards’ for a healthy planet and equal opportunity and respect for all socio-economic classes. Ketti has worked as an activist since the early 1990’s to support environmental awareness and social justice.

Ketti Kupper Conscious Living Landscapes™ clientele range from local neighbors to Hollywood celebrities. Ketti’s projects have been featured on HGTV, and published by Sunset, Taunton Press and Think Publishing. Her public art project along the Los Angeles, “The River’s Embrace,” was a collaborative community effort with North East Trees. The artist’s personal gardens were featured on the tour “Frank Lloyd Wright to Frank Gehry and Beyond” for the National Association of Professional Landscape Designers.

Find out more about Ketti: http://www.kettikupper.com/


Ketti Kupper Conscious Life Jewelry™ is packaged in 100% recycled cardboard boxes (made with 77% post-consumer fiber and 23% per-consumer fiber). The boxes are covered with either Kraft paper or 100% post consumer recycled paper. All materials are Made in the USA and classified as Sustainable or Green. Please note that the boxes are not UV or fade resistant.